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The Gold Hyaluron Moisturizing Serum is the foundation for
every beauty ritual. The fine and pure texture melts into your skin
and thanks to its intensively hydrating, smoothing and balancing
properties it makes the skin look even, radiant, healthy and smooth.



What makes our product special:
The composition of our ingredients is based on tradition,
pureness and innovation:
Hyaluronic Acid smoothes the skin from inside, tightens and
evens out wrinkles. Pores get refined.
Gold has a smoothing and toning effect.
Algae gives your skin an intense hydration.
The concentrated care of Sulfur (MSM),
Mangosteen and Silver protects the skin from free radicals
(antioxidant) and has an intense anti-inflammatory effect against
unclean skin. Silver is a natural preservative. We don’t use alcohol.