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TANNING. MINUS THE SUN. At Luna Bronze, we’re changing the way you see, use and view self-tan.


We believe that a clean, natural glow should be simple, skin-loving, and sunless. No fussy applications. No tiger stripes. No chemical smells. We’ve spent countless hours developing and refining our formulas. For the simple fact that we will only produce products that our family, friends, and we ourselves, would use everyday. Recognisable through our distinctive yet minimalistic packaging, you won’t find our products in boxes and layers of unnecessary packaging. Because an important element of our ethos is to keep beauty not only simple but clean and eco-friendly, so that our footprints are kept to a minimum on this beautiful planet. Oh. And the best bit? Swirled in an elixir of enriching essential oils, naturally-derived EcoCert® DHA and high-grade ingredients, we just know your skin will love it too.